Tag: Rebel


  • Petr Nevoh

    Petr is an information broker for the Rebellion, and works to see their ends met at a political level using covert methods. He is a man in his forties, of medium build, and has a charismatic presence to him. His skills in diplomacy and obfuscation have …

  • Ranger

    Ranger is Mara's father, presumed dead, who has been the Commanding Office on the Alderaan refugee ship, the [[Prayer of Hope | Prayer of Hope]].

  • Danr Ksing

    Danr is a mysterious person who has tried to help the group in the past. He is a professor of music at the Cloud City Academy of Music.

  • Bregun Trihsder

    The Trihsder family have been working as assistants to the Valrus family for many generations in a mutually agreeable arrangement. Bregun is Jolun's personal assistant and manages their office on Coruscant. While Jolun is away, Bregun essentially runs …