Tag: Empire


  • Corvette Atrium

    The Corellian Corvette Atrium is the starship commanded by [[:captain-verma | Captain Verma]]. It has been retrofitted to hold up to three shuttle-sized starfighters, as its guests usually require personal transport. This starship was recently damaged …

  • Pillar of Fire

    The Pillar of Fire is an Imperial Customs Corvette, first encountered when it docked with the corvette the [[Prayer of Hope]].

  • Darth Volkir

    Darth Volkir is a Jedi that was first mentioned by [[:petr-nevoh | Petr Nevoh]] aboard the [[Corvette Atrium | Corvette Atrium]]. He was responsible for the abduction of [[:nev-ra-sedai | Nev'Ra Sedai]] and her subsequent torture.

  • Captain Verma

    Coren Verma is a captain in the Imperial infantry. He is a human of average build with thinning grey hair and cold, grey eyes. Lacking the precision to be included in the ranks of Stormtroopers and other military organizations, he leads a special task …