Vod'Ri Sedai

Twi'lek weaponsmith and entrepreneur


In a time of slavery, Vod’Ri has managed to keep his freedom by making weapons and armour for the government and Imperials. He is a tall, strong Twi’lek who was educated by the Mandalorians when he trained with them on Mandalore. His weapons and armour are simple but resilient and of a high standard, two qualities that Vod’Ri holds as personal standards. He is very serious even in his humour, which is dark and dry. His opposition to the Imperials, by refusing to sell to them directly, has gathered some unwanted attention recently, and the Imperials continue to escalate conflict in order to change his mind. Despite this, Vod’Ri’s knowledge of smithing remains his own, and he has few peers in his craft.

His daughter, Nev’Ra Sedai was rescued from the starship Atrium by the characters in the second session.

Vod'Ri Sedai

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