Petr Nevoh

Rebel spy


Petr is an information broker for the Rebellion, and works to see their ends met at a political level using covert methods. He is a man in his forties, of medium build, and has a charismatic presence to him. His skills in diplomacy and obfuscation have helped him to evade the notice of the Empire at this time, and he moves frequently in order to deter suspicion. His passion to assist the Rebellion comes from his love of history and an understanding of how wrong the current occupation is. He is light-hearted and always treats people with respect and interest. His knowledge of computer systems has aided him and his friends, and he does not mind sharing his expertise where it will help.

Petr was first encountered aboard the Corvette Atrium while he was impersonating a lower ranking Stormtrooper.

Petr Nevoh

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