Varus Legacy

Session 7

Coming Home

Returning to Coruscant and realizing that Jessa is a criminal to the Imperial Navy, and that Jolun and Mara are accomplices, they set course for a remote office of the Varus Shipping on Corellia. They take a rest at this time and restock. Jolun catches up on the tasks of running a business.

During this time, Jessa takes to meditation and comes back to reflect on the name Danr Ksing, the mysterious person who tried to warn Jolun of the impending attack by Imperial soldiers. She does some research and is able to track the name to a professor of music at the Cloud City Academy of Music. Looking at his picture, she feels this is a person from her past but cannot remember any other details.

Within a couple of weeks, Jolun is contacted by Bregun with a contract: To deliver medical supplies to an Alderaan refugee ship orbiting the planet of Taanab, the Prayer of Hope. As a secondary objective, Jolun is given intelligence data to their captain, to aid the rebellion.

Reaching the Prayer of Hope orbiting Taanab, they find the corvette boarded by an Imperial Customs Corvette, the Pillar of Fire. Jolun notices that one of the larger escape shuttles has undocked from the captured vessel. Avoiding a conflict with Imperial forces, they land at the capital city of Pandath, owned by the Agricultural Corps, the primary authority on the planet.

Wanting to find out where the escape shuttle landed, they begin a pattern search, going outward from the city and find within the vessel within an hour. Finding it captured as well, they land close by and front as reporters to get some information from the guards nearby. Not wanting to cause a stir and alert other Imperial Customs soldiers to their presence they leave, but circle around to find the missing shuttle inhabitants and pursuing Imperial soldiers.

In their search to find the missing refugees, they do see the Imperial soldiers scouting the forest, about fifteen minutes of foot travel from an abandoned settlement. Jolun lands his ship and greets the refugees, who are thankful for the advance warning and the offer to use his ship to escape. In the ensuing evacuation, Jessa finds that this place was at one time used as a retreat and school for the Jedi Agricultural Corps. She quickly gathers the central computer core and terminal, as well as some other artifacts.

As the ship is about to depart, a man approaches Mara, her father Ranger. After a quick reunion, they board together, with much information to discuss.



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