Varus Legacy

Session 6

All the Space Cows

The group continues their pursuit of the Jedi twins Rynn & Wynn, but as they near the outside of the city of Kala’uun they realize that the aberrant sandstorm will overpower them without the protection of the solid rock walls of the city.

Turning back, they stop in the offices of the Armstrong Corporation and access two computers. On their first attempt, they find that the Imperial Intelligence has locked out Armstrong since yesterday afternoon, and had been using this office as a base of operations. They also find the direct report for Culreni is a woman named Rika Koroban, who works for the Lucar Corporation out of their Coruscant office. On their second attempt, Jolun is able to lift the security lock and find that Culreni was trying to wholesale purchase all of the rycrit from Kala’uun.

At this point, Jolun puts the pieces together: The Jedi lurking around the rycrit pens, the girl’s drawing of something in the rycrit’s stomach and why Culreni was purchasing all of the rycrit. They head to the base floor and using a floor plan of the city, make their way to the livestock pens. There, after searching, they find a veterinarian’s tent. Jessa senses two people within the tent, and the group enters to find a veterinarian and a farmer, retrieving something from a rycrit’s stomach. They soon find the diamonds, and they barter with the farmer to arrange for them to be handed over to the local police. Jolun is then pronounced as free to leave.

Jessa reaches out with the Force, and can sense the twin Jedi going off-planet. She can also no longer sense the girl that she met in the upper levels of Kala’uun. Jolun also questions why his rivalry with Lucar has become personal and what his future may be. Many mysteries remain to be answered.



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