Varus Legacy

Session 5

Back at Jolun’s ship, he is able to hack into the Kala’uun local network and find out that the problems he had at the spaceport came from the computer of a man named Culreni, who currently works for the Armstrong Corporation, a subsidiary of the Lucar Corporation. He is able to reverse the hack, clearing his name of one offense.

Jolun goes to The Istria hotel to speak with Gurj, a Gammorean working for Schaumm & Associates. Gurj shows them the vault, which has been melted by some kind of powerful torch. Inside the vault, only one safe has been hacked open, the one that contained the diamond Jolun is accused of stealing. Gurj is quick to say that although it is valuable, it had been used to focus a laser in the past. Looking at the surveillance videos, they see a Jedi using their lightsaber. Not sure of how to proceed, Jolun makes his way to the second lead, the offices of the Armstrong Corporation.

Jessa reaches out with the Force to find the two Jedi on the ground level, in the agriculture area. She quietly stalks them, hoping to catch them, but they are able to evade her in the darkness and start climbing through the city. Jessa keeps her distance, but is able to keep up with them.

At Armstrong Corporation, Jolun and Mara see two figures approaching and hide in a nearby alley. When the door is open, Mara rushes the door and is able to keep it open while she engages the two figures, who reveal themselves to be twin Jedi teenagers. A fight breaks out, with Culreni joining the fight, allowing the two Jedi to escape through the back. Jessa is distracted when she sees a young girl in a white dress drop a sheet of paper before slipping off. Jolun questions Culreni, who informs him that Inreth Lucar is responsible for setting him up and that the Jedi are involved somehow. Jessa finds the paper the girl dropped has a picture of a Rycrit with a blue scribble on its stomach.

As the group pursues the Jedi through a secret passage, they begin to hear the wind pick up and sand is being blown about.


This is AWESOME!

Session 5

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