Varus Legacy

Session 4

  • Jessa follows the Jedi, using a Force ability.
  • She sees the two Jedi leaving Jolun’s ship.
  • Jolun and Mara check the ship and find that the computer has been downloaded.
  • Jolun and Mara are discovered by police while searching the ship.
  • Jolun is able to activate his commlink and they find out that they are going to the central administrative police office to speak to Captain Vress about something that has gone missing.
  • In the police office, they find out that Jolun is being accused for a theft of diamonds from the Istiria. The owners, Schaum & Associates, have made someone available to speak to, named Gurj. The police captain tells them that they have until tomorrow morning to find out who is responsible, otherwise they might be brought to trial or worse.
  • Jessa tracks the Jedi to an Armstrong Corporation office but cannot detect them. She sees some surveillance inside and the office itself is constructed of metal and fortified.



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