Varus Legacy

Session 3

Vod’Ri sets to work, creating special items for Jessa, Jolun and Mara. Over the course of a day, the weaponsmiths under his employ create the following items:

  • For Jessa, a parrying gauntlet (+2 equipment bonus to reflex defnse, 1 square burst of fog with a swift action 1/day)
  • For Jolun, a darter gun with a box containing 25 tracking darts and a tracking computer effective to a range of 5 kilometers
  • For Mara, a tracking eye implant (+2 to perception and low-light vision)

After saying their goodbyes, the group travels to the subterranean city of Kala’uun to deliver the construction cores. It takes some time to set their flight path, but once they do the trip is a short and uneventful one. Docking in the only port, located at ground level, Jolun sees a Lucar Corporation ship and he gets tense. The company has a reputation for unethical practices, both in their actions and in the contracts they pursue. It is likely for this reason that the Empire favours them and they have continued to grow in their presence and influence.

As a result, Jessa stays to guard the cargo while Jolun and Mara walk to the office to initiate the offloading process. As they are walking up the steps to the office, they encounter the head of the Lucar Corporation, Inreth Lucar, who greets Jolun politely. Even with this unusually polite exchange, this only adds to Jolun’s sense of unease. Inside the office, the dock captain, a shorter Twi’lek man named Ba’ruuk, asks them to identify themselves. Doing so prompts an alert on his terminal, although his attitude doesn’t change much. Mara is able to position herself so that she can see that the security alert is indicating that Jolun is a terrorist. When the group indicates that they’ll be leaving, Ba’ruuk informs them that a sandstorm is imminent and that they should stay on behalf of the city at the nicest hotel in Kala’uun, the Istiria.

When the group boards their starship, Mara is able to update Jolun as to the situation. Although they have some difficulty finding the information, they eventually confirm that there is a sandstorm heading towards the city. With concerns of an ambush or even a possible assassination, the group forms a rough plan to check in to the Istiria and then sleep elsewhere. Mara ventures into the city, while Jolun attempts to determine more information about his incrimination. Although he is locked out of the federal network, he is able to access the local government infrastructure and determine that the report of his terrorism is recent, unfounded and filed by a Rath Culreni of a local company named Armstrong Corporation. With further research, he finds that this company is a subsidiary of Lucar Corporation.

Mara returns with a room being booked at the Hot Springs, a hotel in the middle of the city. According to her report, the poorer working class inhabits the more stagnant ground level, while the upper level is reserved for the more wealthy and luxurious residences. The individual layers of the city also get larger the closer towards ground level, so that more people can be housed in the poorer regions. Architecturally speaking this is a paradox, as the narrower top of the city has more open space with the wider ground level of the city having less open space due to larger platforms built into the natural earth formation.

The group heads into the city, purchasing a small remote surveillance camera at a small electronics vendor. They walk through the city to the Istiria and check in. Jessa enters behind them and books a room next to theirs. Inside, they install the surveillance camera and make further plans. Jessa distracts the front desk person using a Jedi ability to suggest something, making the hotel employee think it’s their break time and leave. With that, Jolun and Mara travel to the Hot Springs and check in. Jessa returns to her room in the Istiria.

With everyone waiting to see what happens, Jessa hears footsteps outside of her room at 8PM local time. After using the Force to determine if it would be a good idea to go into the hallway, she does so. In the hallway are six men in formal business attire, four guarding Jolun’s room and one at each stairwell. They appear to be guarding Jolun’s room and the wing in general. Jessa is surprised to realize that these men are human and not Twi’lek. Not sure how to proceed, she walks into the closet stairwell and reviews the surveillance camera footage feed.

Jessa waits in the stairwell for quite some time, but everything is quiet. Suddenly around 11PM the power in the hotel goes out. For a minute everything is silent, with the camera only detecting the sounds of the men talking outside of the door. And then Jessa sees the silhouette of a man entering the room from the balcony. He surveys the room, looking for something specific, and then he leaves. Moments later the government operatives break in the door and start searching with flashlights. Using the surveillance camera, Jessa hears shouts of, “They’re not here! Well find them!” Curious to know what is happening, she reaches out with the Force to find that the person in the room was a Jedi, and that there is another one in the city at the ground level. Surprisingly, the Jedi that was in the hotel room is now in a free-fall towards the second Jedi.



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