Varus Legacy

Session 2

Vod’Ri Sedai joins the group and asks them to rescue his daughter. “You might think me a bad father,” he starts, “but when ”/campaigns/varus-legacy/characters/nev-ra-sedai" class=“wiki-content-link”>Nev’Ra returned to me yesterday I had her implanted with a planetary tracking device." He hands a tracking mechanism to Jolun, indicating that she cannot be tracked off-planet without this mobile device.

Vod’Ri lays out his plan before Jessa, Jolun and Mara: A diversion will be created by about two dozen starfighters, allowing them to dock with the Corellian Corvette and rescue Nev’Ra. He asks them to hold back during the distraction and mysteriously states that they will know when to make their move. The group are led to a modified Y-Wing starship, with its ion cannons replaced by additional seating. He also asks them, if possible, to do something, anything to deter them from coming back to take Nev’Ra again.

With that they depart Ryloth, joining several other starships along the way. They eventually see the corvette in the distance and they hang back as ordered while a distraction is created. Within a few minutes of the bombardment, two shots from a planetary ion cannon disrupt the shields and the Y-Wing is able to dock.

On board the corvette there are two Lambda-class shuttles, one of which was used in the abduction of Nev’Ra. Within moments of them docking, several stormtroopers appear to capture them, but the group is able to take them out with a few well-placed shots, including Jolun’s blaster shot from one of the shuttles.

The group then accesses a computer in the docking bay and Jessa reaches out with the force to determine her exact location. They are all surprised to find that she is being held in a living quarters chamber towards the front of the ship, and not in the holding cells near the back of the ship.

Making their way to the living quarters they are lucky not to encounter anyone. Jolun overrides the security mechanism on the door and the enter a room with sparse but luxurious accommodations. Nev’Ra lays unconscious, her eyes half-open, in a comfortable reading chair. The group moves to her and they find she is in a coma.

As they are making their plans to exit expeditiously, the door opens and a stormtrooper enters. Before conflict escalates, the trooper removes his helmet and indicates that his name is Petr Nevoh and that he is a rebel spy. He informs them that this part of the ship is currently under video surveillance blackout and that this may be some kind of trap. Before the group leaves, he asks them to stun him, as his plan is to indicate that he saw them enter and was overcome.

Back in the corridor, they are confronted by Captain Verma, the same man who confronted Jessa and delivered the charges of treason on Coruscant. There is a brief firefight and when Verma’s men are defeated he retreats into a nearby intersection.

The group makes their way back to the ship and set the shuttles’ engines to overload, deterring any Imperials from making a counter-offensive attack. They escape in the Y-wing and are guided back to Vod’Ri’s estate on the surface of Ryloth.

The reunion between father and daughter should be a happy one, but Nev’Ra cannot be woken from her sleep. When Jessa cannot revive her, Vod’Ri asks again, as it is vital to him that his daughter be in good health. Jessa returns to the room and reaches deep into the Force to repair the harm done to her by the Empire. After some time, Nev’Ra goes into a restful sleep and Jessa believes she will awaken by morning.

Vod’Ri praises Jessa’s work and awards Jessa, Jolun and Mara a weapon from his private collection. He will offer these gifts after a good night’s rest.



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