Varus Legacy

Session 1

Jolun, Mara and Vance are leaving Corellia after a peaceful respite there. Their next job is taking them to Ryloth to deliver construction computer systems to the technology-deprived Twi’leks. As the cargo is loading and they are readying to depart, Jolun receives a call from his personal assistant, Bregun.

Bregun asks Jolun to return to their office in Coruscant to take a young woman home to Ryloth. Given the similar destination, and that there is some political sensitivity in this task, Jolun agrees to take on the passenger.

Leaving the orbit of Corellia, Vance programs the navigational computer with ease and wonders at programming the ship’s computer with light sequences. He sees Jolun busy with paperwork out of the corner of his eye, and decides against further irritation.

Jessa is performing her meditations, searching herself and the Force around her, when she is filled with a sense of dread. Not sure of much more than that she is in some kind of personal danger, she packs a few belongings and heads out into the surrounding neighbourhoods of Coruscant.

She travels on foot to her old haunt, a lower ghetto where she worked as a delivery person for a kind Ithorian grocer named Ortor. He seems surprised to see her, and when she asks if anything is the matter he denies his sudden fear with a simple, “No.” Moments later, as Jessa starts to leave, he says, “You are in danger. You must leave now.” He hands her a bag with some food supplies, concerned for her health.

Exiting the store, she sees two ominous shadows to her left, approximately 500 meters away. They are cloaked and the passerbys are giving them a wide berth. She senses the Dark Side of the Force in them and walks the other way. When she looks back, they are moving away from her. Curious, she attempts to follow them and is thwarted when they enter a personal transport and speed away.

Back at the grocery store, Ortor confirms that those same two Jedi were in his store earlier and asked about her. When he said that he hadn’t seen her lately, they pushed him into a display and left.

Exiting hyperspace and descending into Coruscant, Jolun receives a voice mail from his office. A man tells Jolun that Jessa’s anonymity is no more and that she is in danger. Jolun touches base with Jessa, and she takes a shuttle to the Valun offices to meet up with the others. The name of the man that spoke with Jolun seems so familiar, but she can’t quite place it…

Vance heads off into the bowels of Coruscant to gamble with some friends and raise his spirits.

In the office, the group is greeted by the familiar surroundings of Jolun’s office. A catered meal is present, and Jolun and Mara are introduced to Nev’ra Sedai, the secretive passenger. She is tall and silent, with a kind nature to her.

Jessa meets up with Jolun here, and they quietly replenish with the provided food.

As they are starting to discuss who could be threatening Jessa, electricity is cut to the office, with the only faint illumination being provided through the window. Moments later, the door is pried open and an Imperial Captain states that Jessa is being charged with treason against the Emperor.

As three Imperial soldiers and the Captain enter the room, a firefight ensues. Mara fiercly defends Jolun, standing between two soldiers and drawing their fire. Meanwhile, two soldiers engage Jessa in melee, using their vibroblades in the closer range to subdue their target. At one point Bregun tosses in a stun grenade that Jolun had kept in his desk and is in turn shot with a blaster pistol. He drops behind the desk with a yelp.

The fight turns in the player’s favour when Vance returns from his gambling and fires a shot unawares. The Captain tries to make an escape by shooting the window. Shortly after he falls, and so do his men.

The group discusses a strategy to dispose of the Imperial soldiers that attack them when they notice a personal transport directly beneath the window. Vance climbs down into it and brings it up. They send an update using the Captain’s data pad, to indicate that the Jedi has escaped and they are pursuing. After this they break a window in an adjacent building and place the soldiers there, so as to look that the Jedi defeated them. In the transport they break the homing signal off and send it away, further into Coruscant and away from the evidence.

While time is still on their side, they hastily board their ship and leave Coruscant, breaking orbit and setting course for Ryloth. Through the following six days of travel they review the copy of the Captain’s data pad, and find that their orders come from a Sith named Darth Volkir. They were lucky in that Jessa was not expected to be at Jolun’s office, so a smaller team was dispatched. At this point Mara decides that Jolun needs to work on his personal defense skills.

As an interesting aside, Nev’ra maintains the weapons systems of the starship without being asked.

Leaving hyperspace above Ryloth, Nev’ra provides coordinates to her father’s house. When they get there, she requests an escort, as no one is there to greet her. Jolun may want to collect his payment as well.

Travelling through the village, they are shown the squat huts that the Twi’leks have build from clay and brick. When they reach the Sedai estate, the contrast of stone masonry and large windows is a luxurious contrast. Inside they are shown to Vod’ri’s office, where the entrepreneur monitors several monitors in a simple room. He wears fine quality linens and shoes, but otherwise there is no sign of his wealth.

The afternoon passes, with a tour of his weapon and armour facility, showing the high quality and craftsmanship of the items he creates. His dedication to the craft comes from training with the Mandalorians during his youth. The group shares a dinner with the Sedais, enjoying many earthy flavours and a mulled wine. Jessa and Mara retire after supper, while Jolun drinks with Vod’ri and Vance talks with Nev’ra.

Later that night, as everyone is sleeping, Vance wanders off into the village to clear his head. He considers the skill of Nev’ra and the work that Vod’ri has taken on and what that means to him. It is fairly dark, but he still walks into the night with much on his mind.

As he returns, he hears the familiar sound of a smaller starship flying overhead, and it’s heading towards the Sedai estate. Hustling back, he radios Jessa, alerting her to the situation. When the shuttle lands some 100 meters behind the house the group is starting to awaken.

In a forced march, ten clone troopers and two commanders come into the courtyard. With everyone ready, Vance ambushes the group with a frag grenade, harming four of them. The troopers are well trained, breaking into formations. Two go after Vance, four secure the courtyard and four head off into the house.

With the group so overwhelmed, the combat is gruesome. Jessa falls when she attempts to follow the clone troopers into the house, and Mara falls from a secured fighting position. Both Jolun and Vance have the sense to withdraw and this point and let the events unfold. At this point it becomes apparent that the troopers are not on an extermination mission but an extraction mission. They confirm Jessa’s vitals, but do not harm her further. Moments later two troopers emerge from the house with an unconscious Nev’ra and they retreat to their shuttle.

In the morning, Jessa and Mara are revived, and the group is treated.

A Twi’lek joins them after they have eaten breakfast and insists that they rescue Nev’ra from the corvette that is orbiting Ryloth.



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